Centre Court part 2!


As we spoke about in yesterdays blog post, Centre Court is a very large shopping centre within the Broadway of Wimbledon. The number of different stores and the variety of store types that are available within the shopping centre make Centre Court a very attractive option for shoppers to go to. The variety also means that residents within the Wimbledon area will not have to go to other shopping destinations such as Oxford Circus, Regent Street and many others. With the variety of the stores, the option for higher end brands to create a store within the centre is also available. This has given Centre Court as a shopping centre a new lease of life, offering as many luxury stores as they do home furniture and entertainment stores.

One of my personal favourite stores in Centre Court are the numerous children’s stores that they have situated within the court itself. There are a few different children’s stores, from higher end shops to smaller charity stores. One of the stores sells donated children’s clothes and toys, and it has become my personal favourite store in the entire centre. It provides affordable clothes and both used and new toys at a very affordable price for underprivileged families. The service they provide is a positive service for the area itself. The higher end stores are more expensive, but they are just as suitable for the wealthier families within the area, which is natural for an affluent area such as Wimbledon.

The centre court also provides some luxury stores that other famous stopping destinations provide such as Lush. Lush is a useful store to have around any shopping destination for young teens and adults who wish to have a playful bathroom set. These stores increase foot traffic within these destinations, providing a very niche service that helps the visibility for stores around the area. Another such luxury shop within Centre Court are the book stores such as Waterstones and the family owned bookstore that is located within the centre. While Waterstones is a bookstore dedicated towards new, best selling books or old classics, the family owned book store sells many books from all ages and all genres, despite its best seller position.

Finally, Centre Court provides many different clothing chains around the centre for people of all ages. There are the common stores such as Top Shop and Top Man, and more luxurious stores such as Hugo Boss and Paris inspired brands. The clothing stores also stretch from every socio-economic class, and there is a store for anyone who may visit. There are also multiple different style stores such as grunge and rock clothing stores to high end fashion. The store varieties are broad and varied, allowing for any type of customer to visit the shopping centre with something aimed towards them.

The Centre Court has become a landmark within the Wimbledon area, and it has helped increase foot traffic into the area by a large amount because of the multiple residential areas around Wimbledon itself. The area of South London is dense in terms of residential housing, and shopping centres such as Centre Court can help any areas commercial business boom.

Thank you for reading today’s post, and I hope you have learnt more about Wimbledon and Centre Court specifically. I hope you have read the posts I have submitted the last few days, and will read some of the posts in the future!

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