CentreCourt part 1!

One of the biggest parts of the commercial properties within the Wimbledon area is the Broadway shopping centre itself. This is a topic that will probably cover two whole blog posts due to the number of different stores and shops that are inside the shopping centre itself. The shopping centre itself is called Centre Court as it is based within the centre of the Broadway itself. This is the shopping centre I was referring to within the first blog post that I had created, and Centre Court may be the reason the commercial industry is booming within the Wimbledon area to begin with. It is a very influential commercial property within the area and over the years the number of visitors and shoppers within the store have been rapidly growing.

Centre Court has a variety of services and needs that it can fill customers within the centre itself. There are restaurants and fast food stores, luxury stores, clothing stores and even home decoration stores within the court itself. There is such a large variety of stores within Centre Court now that the court itself has started to promote different stores each month for visitors to check out. While the centre is not the size of Westfields in Stratford or White City, it is still a decently sized shopping centre based in London.

The centre itself is also open for generally reasonable hours. The opening time is 9:30AM – 7:00PM. This isn’t specific to the centre itself, but rather the recommended opening and closing times for the centre and all the stores inside the centre itself. Inside the centre itself, stores are open earlier and close later than what is originally advertised for the centre itself. Centre Court also offers extra things for both kids and adults too. They provide offers on stores and items through the shopping centre’s website, and they even have an initiative called a “Kid’s Club”. The kid’s club is an initiative that notifies and offers all loyal customers of Centre Court about children’s events that will be happening, specifically during the holiday periods while school is out.

The food and leisure section of the shopping centre is large. Unfortunately, if you are looking for information on the company’s website, then you would find little information. In terms of their web presence, the shopping centre is quite young. As I have visited the centre many times, I am already aware of the fast food stores and restaurants in the location. The most popular food store within the shopping centre is the large McDonald’s that is situated within the front of the building itself. It’s the most popular because after school, the children and school goers arrive there to eat. This is a common practice and it is the cause of the foot traffic from Centre Court throughout the years.

There are several other food stores such as the Marks and Spencer’s food court that is situated on the opposite side of the building to the McDonald’s, and there are also restaurants that are scattered throughout the building itself. These restaurants are mainly for those who do not live within the Wimbledon area, so they can eat after their shopping trip itself.

Tomorrow, I want to go into more detail regarding the multiple stores that are available throughout the building. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and will carry on reading the blog posts in the coming days. I also hope you have had the chance to check out some of the other posts from the past.

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