The gyms of Wimbledon!

One of the best commercial businesses within the Wimbledon area is the multiple gyms within the area. There are two main gyms; Nuffield Health and the YMCA. There is also a third gym within the area, being PureGym. All three are different in multiple ways, from the prices of membership on a month to month basis to the facilities and services they provide. They even all have different opening and closing hours and offer different additional services for all customers. All three gyms are also chain gyms, with each gym having multiple branches around the United Kingdom and for one of these chains, globally. While I will feel it will be unfair to review each gym separately, I do want to discuss some of the differences between each gym because they are all tailored for different people.

PureGym is the chain that is designed both for people who do not need anything other than the absolute basics from their gym, but also need to work out outside of normal hours. PureGym itself is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week making it the most flexible gym chain in the area, and one of the most flexible around the United Kingdom. It is also the most popular of all gym chains, with it recently taking over LA Fitness as the largest UK based fitness chain. The PureGym itself is like many of the gyms around the United Kingdom area, offering the bare minimum when it comes to the free weight and machine sections. It also provides toilets and showers, but not much more.

The Nuffield Health in Wimbledon Broadway is more designed and tailored towards the highest socioeconomic class within the area, as the membership prices alone are at a dear £88 a month. While that is expensive compared to the very low prices of the YMCA and the PureGym within the area, it is relatively cheap for the services that they provide. The Nuffield Health has a lot of additional functions and services they provide for the customers of the gym. The gym itself provides a steam and spa room for those who want to relax, and a swimming pool situated outside of those rooms for customers to practice swimming. They also provide multiple message rooms and physiotherapist services for those who are injured, hurt or trying to rehabilitate muscles and existing injuries.

Finally, the YMCA is a basic gym that is open for general hours. The gym itself is open from 6am-10pm for customers who are members of the gym and are designed solely for the use of fitness just like PureGym. The YMCA is very basic, but it is also the cheapest of all options within the area, and many consider it to be the best. I have used the YMCA multiple times and I also found it to be impressive for the price and what is offered. All three options are great for anyone living in the Wimbledon area, and it is good to have so many fitness and gym chains around the area as promoting better health and fitness is good for everyone.

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