Tradesmen in Wimbledon

Although I have mainly spoken about red brick stores and the services that can be provided within the Broadway itself, there are a few other companies that I have noticed providing high quality work to home owners within the area. These include landscapers, loft conversion companies and even builders. There are many homes that need a renovation, makeover or even something like a loft conversion. Homes are always in need of update or refreshment, and there are many companies that are within the area that can provide those services for these homes. I have also seen a few homes within the Wimbledon area that are being worked on, and there are a few streets that have homes worked on constantly.

One of the companies that I have had the pleasure to work with myself is Merton Loft Conversion, who is a loft conversion Wimbledon based company. They provided a loft conversion to my home in Wimbledon Chase, and I haven’t been happier with a company working on my property. I have also had the pleasure to have a few other building companies work on my home for renovations and interior decoration services. Some of these companies have been professional and provide high quality works not only for my home but for the neighbours in my street who have had work completed in their home by the same companies.

I love to promote businesses and companies within the Merton and Wimbledon areas because they are some of the hardest working and innovative companies within the whole city of London. I have seen some of these companies work hours, days, months and even years on end to complete projects and have kept the same level of consistency and high-quality work throughout the years. The same can be said for the building and construction companies to the charity shops and family owned business scattered around the area itself.

I hope you enjoyed reading some of my blog posts over the last few days. I have tried to put as much research and opinion into the blog posts because I want to raise awareness of these companies and shopping districts, and I want to increase the visibility of all stores because they are part of my community now. I also want everyone who has read the last few blogs and especially this one to name some of the companies in the Wimbledon area that they have loved either purchasing from, or work for. I also hope you get to check out some of my future posts too! Thank you for reading!

Centre Court part 2!


As we spoke about in yesterdays blog post, Centre Court is a very large shopping centre within the Broadway of Wimbledon. The number of different stores and the variety of store types that are available within the shopping centre make Centre Court a very attractive option for shoppers to go to. The variety also means that residents within the Wimbledon area will not have to go to other shopping destinations such as Oxford Circus, Regent Street and many others. With the variety of the stores, the option for higher end brands to create a store within the centre is also available. This has given Centre Court as a shopping centre a new lease of life, offering as many luxury stores as they do home furniture and entertainment stores.

One of my personal favourite stores in Centre Court are the numerous children’s stores that they have situated within the court itself. There are a few different children’s stores, from higher end shops to smaller charity stores. One of the stores sells donated children’s clothes and toys, and it has become my personal favourite store in the entire centre. It provides affordable clothes and both used and new toys at a very affordable price for underprivileged families. The service they provide is a positive service for the area itself. The higher end stores are more expensive, but they are just as suitable for the wealthier families within the area, which is natural for an affluent area such as Wimbledon.

The centre court also provides some luxury stores that other famous stopping destinations provide such as Lush. Lush is a useful store to have around any shopping destination for young teens and adults who wish to have a playful bathroom set. These stores increase foot traffic within these destinations, providing a very niche service that helps the visibility for stores around the area. Another such luxury shop within Centre Court are the book stores such as Waterstones and the family owned bookstore that is located within the centre. While Waterstones is a bookstore dedicated towards new, best selling books or old classics, the family owned book store sells many books from all ages and all genres, despite its best seller position.

Finally, Centre Court provides many different clothing chains around the centre for people of all ages. There are the common stores such as Top Shop and Top Man, and more luxurious stores such as Hugo Boss and Paris inspired brands. The clothing stores also stretch from every socio-economic class, and there is a store for anyone who may visit. There are also multiple different style stores such as grunge and rock clothing stores to high end fashion. The store varieties are broad and varied, allowing for any type of customer to visit the shopping centre with something aimed towards them.

The Centre Court has become a landmark within the Wimbledon area, and it has helped increase foot traffic into the area by a large amount because of the multiple residential areas around Wimbledon itself. The area of South London is dense in terms of residential housing, and shopping centres such as Centre Court can help any areas commercial business boom.

Thank you for reading today’s post, and I hope you have learnt more about Wimbledon and Centre Court specifically. I hope you have read the posts I have submitted the last few days, and will read some of the posts in the future!

CentreCourt part 1!

One of the biggest parts of the commercial properties within the Wimbledon area is the Broadway shopping centre itself. This is a topic that will probably cover two whole blog posts due to the number of different stores and shops that are inside the shopping centre itself. The shopping centre itself is called Centre Court as it is based within the centre of the Broadway itself. This is the shopping centre I was referring to within the first blog post that I had created, and Centre Court may be the reason the commercial industry is booming within the Wimbledon area to begin with. It is a very influential commercial property within the area and over the years the number of visitors and shoppers within the store have been rapidly growing.

Centre Court has a variety of services and needs that it can fill customers within the centre itself. There are restaurants and fast food stores, luxury stores, clothing stores and even home decoration stores within the court itself. There is such a large variety of stores within Centre Court now that the court itself has started to promote different stores each month for visitors to check out. While the centre is not the size of Westfields in Stratford or White City, it is still a decently sized shopping centre based in London.

The centre itself is also open for generally reasonable hours. The opening time is 9:30AM – 7:00PM. This isn’t specific to the centre itself, but rather the recommended opening and closing times for the centre and all the stores inside the centre itself. Inside the centre itself, stores are open earlier and close later than what is originally advertised for the centre itself. Centre Court also offers extra things for both kids and adults too. They provide offers on stores and items through the shopping centre’s website, and they even have an initiative called a “Kid’s Club”. The kid’s club is an initiative that notifies and offers all loyal customers of Centre Court about children’s events that will be happening, specifically during the holiday periods while school is out.

The food and leisure section of the shopping centre is large. Unfortunately, if you are looking for information on the company’s website, then you would find little information. In terms of their web presence, the shopping centre is quite young. As I have visited the centre many times, I am already aware of the fast food stores and restaurants in the location. The most popular food store within the shopping centre is the large McDonald’s that is situated within the front of the building itself. It’s the most popular because after school, the children and school goers arrive there to eat. This is a common practice and it is the cause of the foot traffic from Centre Court throughout the years.

There are several other food stores such as the Marks and Spencer’s food court that is situated on the opposite side of the building to the McDonald’s, and there are also restaurants that are scattered throughout the building itself. These restaurants are mainly for those who do not live within the Wimbledon area, so they can eat after their shopping trip itself.

Tomorrow, I want to go into more detail regarding the multiple stores that are available throughout the building. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and will carry on reading the blog posts in the coming days. I also hope you have had the chance to check out some of the other posts from the past.

The gyms of Wimbledon!

One of the best commercial businesses within the Wimbledon area is the multiple gyms within the area. There are two main gyms; Nuffield Health and the YMCA. There is also a third gym within the area, being PureGym. All three are different in multiple ways, from the prices of membership on a month to month basis to the facilities and services they provide. They even all have different opening and closing hours and offer different additional services for all customers. All three gyms are also chain gyms, with each gym having multiple branches around the United Kingdom and for one of these chains, globally. While I will feel it will be unfair to review each gym separately, I do want to discuss some of the differences between each gym because they are all tailored for different people.

PureGym is the chain that is designed both for people who do not need anything other than the absolute basics from their gym, but also need to work out outside of normal hours. PureGym itself is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week making it the most flexible gym chain in the area, and one of the most flexible around the United Kingdom. It is also the most popular of all gym chains, with it recently taking over LA Fitness as the largest UK based fitness chain. The PureGym itself is like many of the gyms around the United Kingdom area, offering the bare minimum when it comes to the free weight and machine sections. It also provides toilets and showers, but not much more.

The Nuffield Health in Wimbledon Broadway is more designed and tailored towards the highest socioeconomic class within the area, as the membership prices alone are at a dear £88 a month. While that is expensive compared to the very low prices of the YMCA and the PureGym within the area, it is relatively cheap for the services that they provide. The Nuffield Health has a lot of additional functions and services they provide for the customers of the gym. The gym itself provides a steam and spa room for those who want to relax, and a swimming pool situated outside of those rooms for customers to practice swimming. They also provide multiple message rooms and physiotherapist services for those who are injured, hurt or trying to rehabilitate muscles and existing injuries.

Finally, the YMCA is a basic gym that is open for general hours. The gym itself is open from 6am-10pm for customers who are members of the gym and are designed solely for the use of fitness just like PureGym. The YMCA is very basic, but it is also the cheapest of all options within the area, and many consider it to be the best. I have used the YMCA multiple times and I also found it to be impressive for the price and what is offered. All three options are great for anyone living in the Wimbledon area, and it is good to have so many fitness and gym chains around the area as promoting better health and fitness is good for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post today, and make sure you read yesterdays if you haven’t yet. If you get the chance, also make sure to check out some of the posts I’ll be making in the future!

Businesses in Wimbledon!

Wimbledon, London has traditionally been an area that was specific to residential properties and homes. Some of the most affluent and wealthy citizens in the United Kingdom and London were living in the area for the majority of it’s creation. In fact, Wimbledon has historically been such an affluent area that the 0.05% richest people in the entirety of England has a large proportion living within the Wimbledon area. Wimbledon became known for its large homes and mansions that were almost secluded within the area. This made Wimbledon popular for many affluent people within the city of London, and a place of almost envy for the rest of the citizens in the city. Some believe that the reason the Wimbledon Open began in the area is because of how safe it was when the ideas was first concepted, and they knew that there would be little to no trouble if they hosted part of the tennis even in the Wimbledon area. This is also just a rumour, as Wimbledon itself is one of the most “green” parts of London itself.

In the last 30 years, Wimbledon has changed their outlook and their area recently. Rather than being exclusively residential properties, it has recently seen a surge in the commercial properties within the area. There is everything from gyms and shopping centres to Sunday markets for those to sell their wares and even food. There are multiple bars surrounding Wimbledon theatre now, and the whole area is starting to become a hotbed for social activity with the building and creation of a few clubs around the area. The area is beginning to become a hotbed for social interactions and businesses, even having a few virtual desk offices for rent around the Broadway too.

Wimbledon Broadway may be one of the reasons why financial and commercial businesses are succeeding and thriving within the Wimbledon area. With the Broadway, a huge shopping centre had been created that was popular with so many of the kids at the time. The kids used to hang around the area and visit the shops which were considered lower end at the time, and over the space of 10-15 years when the kids had grown up and started to create an income, they were able to purchase more and more at the shopping centre. Then, the shops themselves had become higher end stores such as furniture stores or other stores designed for dispensable income such as Lush, and eventually the stores began to generate a large profit monthly. This has made the area dependent on the commercial properties success, and in turn allowed many other businesses to succeed at the same time.

This blog is mainly going to be about the various businesses and commercial properties in the Wimbledon area to raise awareness for the companies that are currently operating. The businesses within the area have really begun to improve, and I want to raise awareness of the businesses that are currently in operation. There are a few good independent and family run stores, and there are some decent bars around the area that are practically unheard of by many within the area and especially outside of the area. I hope you stay tuned for some of the posts that I will be making in the future, and if you ever get the chance, check out some of these businesses too!